Dark Sun - Pathfinder

Session 1 Recap

News came to the newly free city of Tyr that the city-state of Urik was marching an army toward Tyr. An army was compiled and dispatched to head off the Urikite forces, and the army was comprised of the personal forces of many nobles, the city’s guard, as well as the “Crimson Legion,” a force of former gladiators led by Rikus, one of the main architects of the assassination of Kalak, the former sorcerer-king of Tyr. The PCs were not part of the army that was dispatched; however, Amun of Akhal (Jesse) was contacted by his cousin, Agis of Asticles (a noble, a high senator, and the main architect of Kalak’s overthrow) that intelligence from Urik has identified a number of small outrider groups that departed from Urik and were heading to Tyr via a direct route and not following the Urikite army’s route. The reason for the various outrider groups was unknown. Agis contacting a handful of people left in Tyr to assemble groups to hopefully infiltrate these various outrider groups, hence why Amun was contacted. The PCs departed on an abandoned trail between Tyr and Urik (one of the only passable routes through the Sandy Wastes) and were ambushed in the night by one of the Urikite outrider groups. After a fairly lengthy battle, the PCs prevailed and found, among other things, a polished disk of blood obsidian that was emanating overwhelming magic and was tainted with great evil, as well as a bone scrollbox that was fairly powerful and also evil.



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