Dark Sun - Pathfinder

Session 2 Recap

The PCs met a kreen, Ta’riik, (Colin) who had been tracking the outriders, and Ta’riik offered to assist the PCs in returning to Tyr. After getting by 3 hungry b’rohgs (dumb, 4-armed giants), slaughtering a group of what should’ve been fairly tough rogue gladiators from Tyr who murdered a group of pilgrims, and finding an injured baby, the PCs navigated back to Tyr, where they were holing up on Amun’s family’s estate until Agis and the Tyrian army could return back to Tyr. The PCs hid the disk and kept at bay a group of very curious jozhals who could sense the disks magical signature until word came back via psionics that the Tyrian army was victorious and returning. Then, right as the army returned, Gigus (Jean) accidentally blurted to Amun’s family that he is a sorcerer…



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