Dark Sun - Pathfinder

Session 4 Recap

_The PCs began session 4 with the Dwarven Urikite inquisitor, Ganarok, in custody. The party moved Ganarok to another location, specifically Amun’s new living quarters. The PCs deftly convinced the apartment manager that Ganarok was in need of care, so he allowed the party in. Amun cast charm person on Ganarok, which seemed to succeed, at least initially, before the conversation went south due to continued telling of unbelievable lies to Ganarok and Andalas’ presence and extremely aggressive and confrontational posture. Andalas was sent out of the room per Ganarok’s request, and eventually Amun left the room to consult with the PCs. Ganarok cast what you now know was invisibility upon himself, and once Ta’riik noticed that the room appeared to be empty, he manifested energy wall in the entire room. Shortly thereafter, the window to Amun’s second-story apartment opened, and Ganarok assumedly left. The party was alerted and once outside, no sign of Ganarok existed. Amun cast footsteps of the quarry which showed Ganarok climbing down from the window into an alley and walking about 10 feet—before the tracks mysteriously stopped. The party surveyed the immediate area to no avail, and once Amun noticed a sleeping homeless human sleeping on the ground in front of an adjacent building, he cast detect magic, which showed numerous spells of the illusory type. The party confronted the homeless person, who then took off running. Tibalt stopped the human who was thought to be Ganarok in disguise with a painful javelin to the back. After re-recovering Ganarok, the party took him to Agis’s residence.

Upon arriving to Agis’s residence, the PCs are escorted to Agis’s private quarters, where he appears exhausted, depleted, and about ten years older. With him is a human woman named Sycia Strimmen, Headmistress of Tyr’s School of Thought, and a half-elven man named Fyrian Winder, who assists Sycia in administering the school. She explained that the School of Thought was monitoring Agis because they thought he may be a target. When whatever attack occurred through the blood obsidian disk against Agis, Sycia’s psionicists were surprised by an attack coming from outside of Tyr and were helpless to stop it since the attack was magical in nature—and exceptionally powerful. After that spell was cast, the psionicists detected a psionic attack coming and managed to arrest it before it hit Agis, though one of the psionicists died in the process of blocking it. Sycia explained that King Kalak and his templars—along with help from the School of Thought and others—had set up various magic and psionic barriers around Tyr to keep Hamanu and the other sorcerer-kings from breaching the city’s walls via magic and psionics. Even though Kalak is gone, the barriers still hold. The blood obsidian disk, however, allowed attacks to come from the outside. She explained that the disk acts like a pinhole through the magic and psionic barriers.

Neither Sycia nor Fyrian would examine the disk, and they likewise kept it from Agis. Fyrian did, however, psionically interrogate Ganarok, which seemed incredibly painful to the PCs, and Ganarok committed suicide psionically, according to Fyrian. Agis is depleted and aged and can only now communicate telepathically and they are working with others to see if his condition is irreversible. Agis did confirm telepathically with Fyrian that the disk in not psionic in nature—though it does allow psionics to pass through it—so the School of Thought is at a loss for what to do next. Without a way to dispose of the disk or sequester it, the School’s psionicists are searching for traces of other pinholes to see where the other disks are—because they have detected the traces but couldn’t pinpoint a location. That every creature in Tyr has some latent psionic talent makes tracking difficult, as there’s a lot of psionic noise, but occasionally a very, very powerful trace comes through—the School suspects Hamanu but it could be another very strong psionicist, of which Urik has many. To make matters worse, Aeron’il fled Tyr without a trace and took with him many important tomes and scrolls from the Templars’ Library, as well as two jade golems. Tyr’s templary is surveying the remaining inventory in the library to try and determine what’s missing; however, Aeron’il was so trusted by Kalak that Kalak allowed him to keep other templars out for fear of others’ motives. Bottom line, no one’s really sure what was in the library and what Aeron’il stole.

Near the end of the meeting, Agis telepathically whispered to Amun and to Fyrian that “Orthagrus can help” and go to go Boiler’s Foot, which is a natural hot spring about 50 miles south of Tyr, just between a fairly desolute area of boulder fields known as the Empty Ring and a out-of-place scrub plain that lies between the Empty Ring and mysterious Mount Narran. As the PCs were preparing to leave the city, a crowd that was gathering was discussing the political situation in Tyr was interrupted by a shower of multi-colored lights in the sky and screams of “defiler!” In the ensuing chaos, a nondescript human stopped Amun, handed him a nondescript sack, said “Put the disks in there—they can follow you,” and made a hand gesture over his mouth. He blurred into the crowd after, and Amun found it odd that he couldn’t muster any recollection of the face of the man. With the crowd going nuts, the PCs left in a rush, but didn’t noticed any ashen circle on the ground where the magic was centered….

The PCs have an overwhelming feeling of unease and a lack of surety in who and what to trust. They feel isolated and on their own—and they very much are.



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